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VOV Draw Gel Brow

Rp 140.000 Rp 70.000

Easy to define your brows with an easy-to-use eyebrow pencil and care volume and texture with volume

Complete eyebrow texture with the soft oval-shaped pencil

The soft and creamy textured pencil glides gently on the eyebrows without irritation, and the oval-shaped lead fills the eyebrows in a naturally smooth shape and can be easily adjusted to match the thickness of the eyebrow

Natural smudging powder adds multidimensional volume

The contained powder gently adds a soft color to your eyebrows and lifts them with a natural multidimensional volume.

Have the latest “marshmallow eyebrow” trend!

Define the shape of your eyebrow with the pencil, and fill in the sparse areas with the tip of the powder to express smooth, multidimensional eyebrows.

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