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VOV Pro Eyebrow Duo

Rp 190.000 Rp 80.000

Dual-type eyebrow drawing, which was completed at once soft and natural

Delicate eyebrow design, complete with a soft pencil

in the pencil core of the triangular sweip hanol hanol sophisticated and the sophisticated drawing, and a soft, creamy texture delivers a smooth feeling without bunching.

Natural coloring and eyebrow grain trim effect

Quick Dry Formula & Long Lasting Effects mascara type brow is helps complete the clean, natural eyebrow result.

smart eyebrow pencil, so please use!

STEP 1) will fill in the gaps and then gave grab crisp eyebrow contour with a pencil.

STEP 2) eyebrows connection to the other side of the browser Kara depending helps coloring and secure.


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