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VOV Gravity mascara

Rp 350.000 Rp 175.000

Goodbye Gravity Eye Fender Set Mascara. raise well come to end the year with a zero-gravity

It seemed to pierce the sky, soaring weightless formula

– giddy Lash is a texture close to the lashes with a light weightless formulas contain rising public support as the more bars hold up amazingly – allows implementing up effect

strong seting does not sag against gravity

– Super Fix film this formulation is stretched thin and short straight hair down contained also helps secure the eyelashes to set up a powerful ahjjilhage splashed a long time without sagging.

under the eyes blurring nO! Powder falling NO!

– By reducing the blur out the powder falling tears pouring a child Goodbye Fender mascara that brings alive the eye area clean without the fender.

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